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Dear Alumni (Student)

 The Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University to commemorate its 35th Anniversary is pleased to enlarge its social engagements by way of organizing meet with the stakeholders of the University on 1st May 2018. For this purpose, we intend to converge to all the stakeholders on one stage to project 'An Envisioned Journey' of the University, viewing the prominent role of its stakeholders such as the Academicians, the Entrepreneurs, the researchers in General and its precious alumni in particular in shaping their Almamater. This gathering aims at projecting the progress of the University now and its ambitious future plans amidst globalization.

You may please forward the link to your batch-mates/or known people of our department so that the data will be comprehensive.

Your participation and cooperation will definitely elevate the EVENT organized on 1st May 2018 and to establish the bond between us.

Thank you

Dr. Ajay P. Deshmukh